March 3, 2010

manga-ing is a way of surviving...

ckap psal manga. saya adalah seorang pembaca tegar. hak3~ cam siot je tetibe kuar topik manga kat sini. sebelum ni xpernah saya bagitau yang saya sangat2 suka baca manga. the best from the best stakat ni adalah One Piece. sgt2 bez! tp scanlator manga ni ade probs kot. coz mggu ni episode baru x kluar. sob3~ ltih saya tggu.. waa~~

some of my frens said, "why manga?not anime?" and i said.. "manga is something impressive. i can read it with my own pace n with my own speed. n also, i put my own fantasy voice in it so that it can be more interesting. anime or 3D movie have cause severe damage 2 my own creative imagination. as it does not require me to imagine the situation of the story and the feelings of the characters in it. being a fantasy future surgeon. i need to be able to have the art of 3D imagination in myself. and that means turning a picture into a 3D object. and by training myself 2 read manga and visualizing it, i think it will be a proper technique for me 2 practise my mind. and for me, juz following a story of anime will drag me into it while visualizing manga will drag the manga elements into myself. and dis is only my opinion. each person have the right 2 object n even if u object, my opinion is my opinion"

hohoho~ am juz feeling depressed due 2 some events dat occured around me lately. need an antidepressant a.s.a.p..
haha~ and dis is some of my favourite manga...

~one piece~

~team medical dragon~

~eyeshield 21~


that`s all 4 now...


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